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How to use sewing machine to repair PE plastic tarpaulin damaged?
- 2020-07-23-

Qingdao Haixin Jinpeng has been engaged in tarpaulin production for more than 10 years. In this process, we have accumulated rich experience in production and tarpaulin maintenance. among them,Plastic tarpaulinThe restoration is a common tarpaulin maintenance project. Today, let me introduce to you. Both tarps are damaged. One is that the damaged tarp can be treated naturally on both sides; the other is that there are gaps in the natural flat state. We usually repair broken tarps with a sewing machine. We remind you to pay attention to the following six points during the specific operation:

1. Double needles should be used. The distance between the outer suture and the patch is 15-20 mm, and the distance between the two needles is 10 mm.

2. The stitch density is uniform and straight, the stitch length is 14-18 stitches/100mm, and the number of start and stop stitches is not less than 3 stitches.

3. Waterproof glue should be applied to both sides of the machine repair pinhole.

4. The pressure rope cloth should be repaired with a double-sided linear machine. The distance between the two needles near the pressure rope is not less than 45mm. After sewing, the middle of the rope pressing cloth should be properly arched to facilitate the passage of the rope. The needle stop position is not less than 50 mm.

5. After repairing, the rope and cloth should be properly arched to facilitate the passage of the waist rope.

6. The water hook test at the sewing position does not allow water leakage, water leakage and water leakage.

When using a sewing machine to repair a damaged tarp, it must be used in accordance with the operating rules and sewn according to the contents of the article. If the operation is not standardized and there is no way to repair it, the opposite effect may be produced.

Qingdao Haixin Jinpeng guarantees product quality from the aspects of tarpaulin material selection, production technology, product testing, etc., to minimize product quality problems during use. In this regard, our company also recommends that the majority of new and old customers should choose regular manufacturers when buying tarpaulins to ensure that there are few problems in the use of products!

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