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Cleaning and preventing discoloration of flame retardant tarpaulin
- 2020-07-23-

Flame retardant tarpaulin.It is widely used in high temperature and dry environment. It occupied the market with its own advantages and was widely accepted by people. If the tarpaulin can be cleaned correctly, it can effectively extend its service life and greatly save the company's procurement costs. Next, let us learn how to clean flame retardant tarpaulin:

The dirt in the center of the tarp must be cleaned up. When cleaning thoroughly, use a soft brush to clean. It will be beautiful. Instead, it should be cooled in a cool place. Another method is to add salt and white vinegar to the water, then soak the bag for about 3 hours without fading, and then rinse with water. When using waterproof cloth, keep it clean. If dirt grows, the tarp is prone to mold, which will damage the waterproof performance. Although the product is waterproof, it must be air-dried immediately after rain. If it is not dried under the hot sun, it will accelerate the aging of the tarp and shorten its service life. After cleaning the tarp, let it dry completely before placing it.

How to prevent flame retardant tarpaulin from yellowing and discoloring:

After long-term use, the surface of the linoleum is easy to turn yellow and color, giving people a dirty and old feeling. How to prevent yellowing and discoloration of tarpaulin and keep it as bright as new?Tarpaulin manufacturer—Qingdao Haixin Jinpeng gives you advice:

1. The surface of the flame-retardant tarpaulin can be covered with white paper, which can be torn off after drying to prevent its discoloration. The principle of this method is the same as sticking a layer of paper on the surface of the white canvas shoes during drying.

2. After wiping off the tarp, apply toothpaste or white chalk powder evenly, and then dry to prevent discoloration.

3. Avoid contact with items that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink.

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