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Introduction to the production process of PE waterproof tarpaulin
- 2020-07-23-

Produced by Qingdao Haixin JinpengPE waterproof tarpaulin.The main raw material is polyethylene (PE), which is very common in the market. It has a wide range of functions and functions. The following describes the production process of waterproof tarpaulin:

1. Raw material preparation stage

The waterproof cloth is made of different materials and colors. The fabrics include PVC tarpaulin, plastic-coated cloth, rainproof cloth, waterproof tarpaulin, scraper cloth, etc. The color is mainly green.

2. Start the process

According to customer requirements, the fabric should be spliced first. After all, the width of cloth is limited. The stitches in the middle are sewn one by one with a sewing machine. The center seam is sewn by a double needle machine. The splicing of PE-coated cloth and waterproof cloth heat-sealing machine has better waterproof performance than sewing machine and can realize full waterproof.

3. Edge punching process

Wrap the four sides of the semi-finished tarp to avoid damage to the tarp due to repeated pulling. Under normal circumstances, the normal drilling is one meter per hole. The hole description is used for threading.

4. Not all tarpaulins can be heat sealed. The varieties of tarpaulins include PVC coated cloth, waterproof tarpaulin, knife cloth, silicone cloth, wax cloth, etc. According to the characteristics of the tarpaulin, different processing methods should be adopted. Generally, heat sealing is only suitable for tarpaulins coated with PVC, while silicone cloth and wax cloth can only be processed by sewing machines.

5. Waterproof tarpaulin heat-sealing machine processing can achieve comprehensive waterproofing, and sewing machine processing will have pinholes, and the waterproof effect is not as good as heat-sealing machine processing.

PE tarpaulin is much better than some traditional tarpaulins, that is, it is impermeable, the water pressure value is greater than or equal to 2000mm, the water column can withstand low temperature, low temperature -20 ℃, light and soft. It has excellent mildew resistance (the mildew resistance test is level 1), high strength, strong tensile force, and a wide range of applications, such as farms, wharves, foreign trade, storage, open-air cargo yards, and transportation fleets.

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