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The use of car rain tarpaulin recommendations
- 2020-07-23-

Different colorsCar rain tarpaulin.Not to make the appearance beautiful, but to choose different colors according to different cargo transportation and different uses.Tarpaulin manufacturersQingdao Haixin Jinpeng will give you a detailed introduction:

As the goods transported by cars are different, the sensitivity of the goods to light is also different. Car tarpaulins of different colors reflect light in different ways. For example, gray reflection is worse than green radiation, so it needs to be covered with a different color tarp. If tarpaulins of the same color are used, some goods will be affected by light and temperature rise, or be damaged by ultraviolet radiation. Tarpaulins of different colors are used for different cargo transportation. Employees in the transportation industry must pay attention to ensuring the safe transportation of goods.

How to avoid falling off during the use of automobile rainproof tarpaulin:

In the process of cargo transportation, the tarpaulin falls off, and the cargo is easily blown away by the wind and wet by rain, causing cargo loss, thereby increasing the amount of insurance compensation. In addition, the falling off of the tarpaulin also provides an opportunity for cargo thieves. It also threatens the safety of road transportation. The truck tarpaulin falls off during transportation, which can easily cause accidents such as scratches on railway equipment and injuries to pedestrians. Shed tarpaulin will damage the image of the road to a certain extent, and more importantly, it will increase the trouble for shippers to choose other modes of transportation. During the transportation, check the tarp piece by piece for intact and undamaged, complete and clear eye sockets, signs, and numbers, complete and intact ropes, no joints, firm connections, accurate tarpaulin connections, and count the quantity. The shipper fills in the tarpaulin number and vehicle number corresponding to the tarpaulin cover with the "Truck Tarpaulin Handover Form" filled out by the tarpaulin administrator.

As a large-scale tarpaulin manufacturer, Qingdao Hisense Jinpeng has always insisted on active innovation and the road of technological production. Actively carry out reform and development, absorb high-tech knowledge, continuously improve product quality and appearance, and further improve product quality.

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